Zoe Cohen L.Ac.
Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

"Zoe is a healer, not just a practitioner. She has a way of knowing what to do. This can't be learned in school or training -- she just has 'it.' "  -- Joyce, patient for more than 10 years

Welcome to Zoe Cohen's acupuncture practice.


Since 2000, I have been providing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatments to patients with a wide range of health issues.

I believe my greatest strength, and one that distinguishes me from many other practitioners, lies in the strong personal relationships I develop with my patients.

This connection allows me to carefully listen to and observe each patient, then devise an individualized treatment strategy based on his or her goals and needs.

To learn more about who I am, as well as my philosophy, the conditions I treat, how acupuncture works and more, please explore the rest of my website.


Dear Patients,

I wanted to update you all on my tentative plans to gradually reopen my practice. I had planned to resume June 1, however with the current spike in COVID-19 cases I am questioning whether this is prudent, both for the safety of all of you and myself. Therefore, I am going to wait a couple of weeks to see where things stand and go from there. I hope cases will be decreasing in which case I will feel safer resuming work. In the meantime, I am compiling a patient email list to make it more efficient to send group updates.
Please do not email me via my website, rather use the link above.

Also, feel free to email or text me at (510) 326-7022 for herb refills.

I will email you updates as soon as my mailing list is complete, but in the meantime please check back on my website periodically for updates. I miss you all and cannot wait to work again and be able to help you stay healthy!