Zoe Cohen L.Ac. 
Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine


Acupuncturist extraordinaire Zoe Cohen is a miracle worker! She uses her expertise and listening skills to cure whatever ails you. I always feel light and happy when I leave her office. Her treatments are not painful but provide enough sensation that you know something is happening. I have been seeing Zoe for over 10 years, and among the problems she's helped me with are stress, insomnia, hormonal issues, neck and back pain and car accident injuries. You'll love her! 
-- Julie, massage therapist
I've been seeing Zoe for over 8 years. She helped me 6 years ago for pain I was having in my lower back, and I got more pain relief from her than from chiropractors I was seeing. She has a very open-minded approach to healing and recommended that I seek advice from M.D.s when the pain became too severe. I took her advice and had a very successful surgery, then saw Zoe to speed my recovery. I continue to see her for whatever ails me these days -- usually stress, joint pain, allergies, low energy, etc. Not only is she great at what she does -- deft with the needles, great listener, very attentive to my needs -- but she's just an excellent person and I always look forward to seeing her!
-- Yuri, artist
I have been coming to Zoe for more than 10 years. As a psychotherapist, I have lots of energy coming in from people who are not always in a good state. I've found it helps tremendously to have my Qi cleared  through acupuncture--just for wellness, on a regular basis. I also have a hypothyroid condition, and acupuncture has helped a lot with that. Zoe helped me through peri-menopause and now menopause, and this has helped make it a very smooth process with minimal hot flashes, etc. I also had shoulder surgery, and acupuncture helped in the healing quite a bit too. Zoe is a healer, not just a practitioner. She has a way of knowing what to do. This can't be learned in school-- she just has "it." I highly recommend Zoe to anyone, especially if you are a little squeamish about having someone stick needles in you! She's gentle and caring. I can attest that it works if you are consistent. I can always tell when I go on vacation-- I just don't feel as well until I get back in for a treatment.  
-- Joyce, psychotherapist
I cannot live without Zoe Cohen! She is my miracle worker. I originally called her in tears when I hurt my low back a few years ago and was immediately transformed from one visit. Now I see her for things like colds, allergies and sinus troubles, shoulder pain, stress relief . . . you name it! But most importantly, Zoe helped me with pregnancy support and I'm now expecting baby number two. What I love most about Zoe is that she helps me through every ache and pain, physically and emotionally. She is an amazing listener and genuinely cares for her patients. I recommend her to everyone I know.  
-- Raquel, full-time mom
Zoe is amazing! I have been seeing her for various health issues ranging from a torn ACL to serious digestive problems for several years. She has such a gentle and calming way about her and she is very driven and committed to improving any ailment you bring to her. I feel completely calm, relaxed and more healthy after every visit. Zoe is very knowledgeable and confident in both acupuncture and working with Chinese herbs, which makes me feel completely comfortable in her care. She is a true healer and very easy to talk with about any health related issue you are facing. Her concern is genuine and I would recommend her to anyone. If you are feeling healthy and want to use acupuncture as a means of enhancing your well-being or if you are challenged by a serious health issue Zoe will do everything she can to assist your healing.  
-- Sarah, photographer 
I have been seeing Zoe for acupuncture for many years. She was initially recommended to me while I was searching for effective therapy for a repetitive stress injury, and since then I have found her to be helpful with that and many other problems, such as allergies, stress, insomnia and indigestion. When Zoe went on a hiatus due to the birth of her sons four years ago, I tried other acupuncturists, but none demonstrated the bedside manner, the listening and diagnostic skills, or the efficacy that I experience with Zoe. She is always concerned about my comfort and well- being, and explains things very well. 
-- Mark, music teacher